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Understanding Words for a Child's Skin Condition

Words used to describe skin conditions

Your child's healthcare provider may use some of the words below to describe your child's skin condition.


What it means


A closed, painful pocket of pus that may look like a pimple or blister


Thin, wrinkled


Fluid-filled bump under or within the top layer of skin

Crust or scab

Formation of dried blood, pus, or other skin fluid over a break in the skin


Thin-walled lesion that contains fluid or other material, is under the skin, and may be deep in tissue


A scratch

Hives, wheals, welts, urticaria

Pink or white swelling of the skin


Any abnormal mark or change on the skin


Skin that has thickened usually due to scratching


Small, flat, discolored spot


Small, solid, raised bump


Large, flat, discolored spot

Pustule (pimple)

Inflamed lesions that appear to contain pus


Large, raised area of skin


Dead skin cells that form flakes


Fibrous tissue that has formed after a skin injury

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